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MR / Ahmed Reda
MR / Ahmed Reda
H.R & P.R & B.P & Admin Manager

- Achieving effective personnel management: It is the main task of the Human Resources Manager; It seeks to achieve appropriate management for all employees within the facility; So that it is easy for him to know the nature of their work, and to guide them in the correct way in case they need any help in their tasks.
- Performance evaluation: It is one of the essential tasks of the Human Resources Manager. He must evaluate the performance of the employees by monitoring the progress of their work, identifying mistakes in the event that they are committed, and helping them to overcome them.
- It also strives to monitor the activities of the employees and make sure that they carry out the tasks required of them. And also arranging and collecting ideas on the progress of business within the company
-  Administratively monitoring the performance and analysis of departments, controlling cooperation mechanisms, and internal and external legal affairs
- Formulating local and international legal and cooperative contracts
-  Maintaining and arranging public relations mechanisms outside the company And attending conferences and meetings representing the company
-  Developing the competencies of individuals: It is a set of strategies that the Human Resources Director pursues related to developing training and rehabilitating programs that contribute to developing the competencies of individuals in the organization, and ensuring that they achieve the best possible performance; Therefore, the human resources manager is keen to choose the best types of training courses to support the efficiency of the employees
-  Supporting innovation among the employees: One of the additional tasks of the human resources manager, which depends on working with employees to implement a set of innovative ideas, which the employees create to contribute to adding new things to the work, such as : Production of a new commodity that was not previously produced