Easy Pre Insulated Ducts ( Easy Duct ) Alternate Text
Easy Pre Insulated Ducts ( Easy Duct )
Easy Pre Insulated Ducts ( Easy Duct )

Easy Pre Insulated Ducts ( Easy Duct )

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Brilliant Engineering Co. is an agent and distributor for easy preInsulated duct- UNIGULF . EasyThe complete range of pre insulated ductwork solutions. Absence of CFC/HCFC in the manufacturing process of EASY pre-insulated panels as well as usage of water based polyols. The system includes panels for different applications plus related tools and accessories, Pre-Insulated VCD’s, Acoustic Lining, GI Collars fixing and duct connectors fixing.

Product Information

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The Easy Pre Insulated Ducts manufacturing facility is set up in Dubai Investment Park . The panel production process is designed around new-generation blowing agents that are specially formulated and developed to produce environmentally friendly panels for air conditioning ducting application.  Pre-empting changes in government environmental laws that mandated a reduction of HCFC usage by 2040, Unigulf Air Conditioning Industries LLC began working well in advance to become an early adopter of these laws. Unigulf implemented constructive changes in product chemistry and introduced significant upgrades to the manufacturing process by setting up a new state-of-the-art production unit in the second quarter of 2017. The company collaborated with reputable chemical suppliers and industry experts to develop a special Polyol blend to successfully achieve ODP level of zero and GWP of 1.

The Easy Duct System offers technical solutions to the designers and economic advantages to contractors and developers. Our commitment to improving IAQ motivates us to constantly innovate and upgrade of our EASY pre-insulated panels by getting these certified by world-renowned testing laboratories. These pre-insulated panels have a closed-cell structure and low thermal conductivity.  Due to the inherent nature of this product, these panels are lightweight and easy to fabricate and install when compared with traditional metal ducts. Usage of water-based polyols in the manufacturing process makes these panels HCFC and CFC free, thus positively contributing towards the environment.


Hygiene & Air Quality

• No release of particles due to internal aluminum surface
• Aluminum prevents growth of bacteria and fungi, thus improving air quality

Superior thermal Insulation
• High thermal insulation with closed cell structure and superior thermal conductivity @ λ 0.021 W/(m°K)

• Ducts can be fabricated or repaired at workshop or onsite
• Ease of handling and transportation

Environmental Friendly
• CFC/HCFC – free production makes EASY PID environmentally friendly and eligible to green building concept.