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Brilliant Engineering Co. is a strong agent and distributor for SONNIGER Air curtains. The Products supplied by SONNIGER are the simple choice due to the right range of products that precisely respond to market needs . SONNIGER consultants are a group of open-minded, competent, dynamic people who are always ready to co-operate. These ties in with the whole HEATING PARTNERS philosophy, whose main objective is to support companies in the field of heating systems.

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GUARD AIR CURTAIN – No. 1 in Europe
 A modern space is the final result of the selection and the application of unique and extraordinary solutions.
 Undoubtedly, one of them is the GUARD air curtain – the result of an analysis of global trends in industrial design, inspired by aviation technology.

🔸 Stylish design

🔸 strong parameters

🔸 the highest quality and precision of workmanship

🔸 advanced technical solutions


GUARD is a professional and attractive air curtain, whose main objective is to maintain a protective barrier at the entrance to the building.
GUARD air curtain protects the entrance to the building from either cold or warm air as well as dust or insects.

Its application allows to minimize the loss of heat, which both influences operating costs of the building and the comfort of work.
GUARD air curtains are designed/purposed for facilities where the height of installation of devices does not exceed 4m.

GUARD air curtains have an efficient ventilator combined with a build-in three-step motor along with two-row coils that give an optimized range of parameters.
High-performance parameters – air output 4800 m³/h, air throw up to 4 m.

More details: COMMERCIAL Air Curtain.pdf


GUARDPRO is a line of professional and effective devices/products purposed for protecting industrial premises from the loss of heat energy through gateway (vehicle) ranging from 3-7,5 m 
thanks to high efficiency and applying modular construction.

Air flow range up to 7,5m for horizontal and vertical installation

The curtains use a set of high-performance fans with a diameter of 450mm, which in combination with the appropriate and optimally selected shape of the air flow ducts has allowed a long range of air stream up to 7.5m.
The universal design of the device allows the use of the same modules both vertically and horizontally.

More details : Industerial Air Curtain.pdf