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Brilliant Engineering is a Distributor for Venplast (Italy), a leading industrial ventilation fans manufacturer established in 1995. Venplast has – over the years - specialized in the production of centrifugal industrial ventilators in plastic material, resistant to corrosion. Venplast are Industrial ventilators entirely made of corrosion resistant materials, with both direct drive arrangement, and belt drive arrangement. Also available in ATEX version to be used in those areas which are potentially explosive.

Product Information

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Venplast, providing a high quality service aimed at the utmost satisfaction of the customer, and inspired by values of honesty and professional transparency, intends to be an excellence reference point on the market of industrial ventilation (ventilators in plastic material, resistant to corrosion) and of related activities.

Customer’s satisfaction is mandatory for any company. Venplast strives to go beyond: its first objective is that of establishing a professional relationship with its interlocutor, based on trust and reciprocating integrity, fulfilling the commitments undergone within the agreed deadlines.

Dynamism, enthusiasm, intuition, judgement are some of the essential elements of the company’s philosophy, which prompt the managing group to evaluating new ideas or solutions with an ever attentive and vigilant outlook on the market novelties.

Reliability, participation, sharing and loyalty enable prosperity for the firm and its people.

• Fans series with forward curved blades.
• Fans series with radial blades.
• Fans series with backward curved blades.
• Vertical jet fans series with backward curved blades.

• Horizontal jet fans series with backward curved blades.

• PVC/PP adjustable damper
• PVC drain plug
• PVC/PP gravity damper
• PVC/PP outlet cowls
• PVC flexible connector
• PVC/PP deflector cowls
• PVC/PP outlet with grid
• PVC/PP reductions
• Regulator and controller of air speed
• Stainless steel protection grid
• PVC/PP silencer
• PVC/PP curve
• Vibration absorber
• Speed regulator
• Frequency converter
• Switch ON/OFF
• PVC housing splinter protection

• Chemistry laboratories
• Jewellery laboratories to galvanic and metal treatment systems,
• Petrochemical industry
• Environment purification systems from corrosive and dangerous fumes.