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Industrial Ventilation Systems
Industrial Ventilation Systems
Industrial Ventilation Systems
Industrial Ventilation Systems
Industrial Ventilation Systems
Industrial Ventilation Systems
Industrial Ventilation Systems
Industrial Ventilation Systems
Industrial Ventilation Systems
Industrial Ventilation Systems

Industrial Ventilation Systems

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With over 120 completed Industrial Ventilation Projects, and our own range of products, our scope of work includes: • Fresh Air Supply and Exhaust thru: - Wall mounted fans - Roof mounted fans - Axial inline fans - Fan section c/w filters - DIDW and SISW centrifugal fans • Ducted ventilation systems • Related louver and air outlet works • Fire rated smoke extract systems

Product Information

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Brilliant Engineering is The Agent for HasconWing Italy in Egypt since 2015.

HW Ventilation is a leading manufacturer in the field of axial impellers and ventilators for industrial applications, with over 30 years of market presence. The impellers are imported from Italy, and the fans are locally assembled in our warehouse, were we strive to apply the highest quality control to assure the units are in perfect condition and ready for site installation. 

      With the aid of Qualyfan Fan Selection Software, HW fans cover a wide performance range, with airflows ranging from 5,000 to 160,000(m3/hr), diameters ranging from 400 mm to 1,225mm, motor capacities  from 0.37 Kw to 30 Kw, and external static pressure coverage up to 800 Pa


The use of HasconWing impellers is particularly suitable for environments with a high risk of fire explosion (as they are spark-proof) or that are dusty (as they prevent the formation of deposits resulting in unbalance and vibrations) as well as in low-temperature environments, 

down to - 40°C (as they prevent the formation of ice) 


  • Operating temperature range with standard materials-40° to +120°C, with special material from -40° to +400°C.
  • Possibility of extremely high rotational speeds based on the impeller diameters
  • Corrosion proof; immune to corrosive fumes, salt air, etc…
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Low noise levels, due to the profile type, the highly polished and non-resonant characteristics of the selected material.
  • Elasticity, together with high mechanical resistance that guarantees a long life even for the most demanding applications.
  • Light weight, offering less structural load.
  • G 6.3 grade electronic balancing
  • Flexibility, and ability to satisfy clients with small or large orders
  • Optimal price/quality ratio


The fans can run on Direct Drive or Belt Drive, paired with foreign IE2 motors like ELK or Gamak (Turkey) or special request motors like Siemens (Czech Rep.) as per the client’s preference. Motors are totally enclosed fan cooled, with aluminum housing and copper winding, and prepared in insulation class F, IP55 normal protection degree, for both B3 and B5 types. 



C-ALU        Aluminum sickle profile axial impellers, diameters from 450 mm to 1282 mm
CS-ALU    Aluminum sickle profile axial impellers, diameters from 450 mm to 1026 mm
N & V        TM Variable pitch airfoil profile axial impellers, diameters from 300 mm to 1270 mm
D                   TS Fixed pitch airfoil profile axial impellers, diameters from 300 mm to 906 mm


• Hubs: die cast light aluminum alloy, available in 5-5, 9-9, 12-12, 16-16 for adjustable pitch angle, and 10-10 for fixed pitch angle.
• CS-ALU blades: are made of 100% aluminum: with temperature range of -80 to 200°C, ensuring high performance in high-temperature and corrosive environments

• C-ALU blades: are made of 100% aluminum: with temperature range of -80 to 300°C passing the smoke test for: 2 hours @ 300°C.

• PPG blades: are made of Polypropylene [30 % glass]: with temperature range of -20 to +85°C, with great stability and noise features at high rotational speeds.
• PPG blades are:
• anti-corrosive
• anti-spark
• anti-acid



Fan casing (short or long), fan feet, protection screen, electrical terminal box, base and cap etc. are all locally manufactured, and custom made to design, allowing flexibility to deliver special orders. Casing can be sized as per site requirements, it can be made of electrostatically painted black steel, galvanized steel, or stainless steel to suit different applications.




We provide smoke extract fans using C-ALU blades, which are tested for performance at 300°C for 2 hours, according to the European standard UNE EN 12101-3:2002
and UNE EN 12101-3:2002/AC: 2006

Specification for powered smoke and heat exhaust ventilators :

The air flow range is very wide (from 5,000 up to 160,000 CMH), which allows for proposing a very efficient, yet economized solution for applications with
a stand-alone smoke extract system, or a combined ventilation – emergency smoke extract system as well, promising very reliable delivery.
Fan is belt drive, with a normal IE2 motor outside of airstream (see picture), and It can also be equipped with a direct drive Smoke Fire Rated motor inside of air
stream. Fan casing is electrostatically painted for flame retardation. The axial fan can be used as wall mounted, rooftop mounted or Inline mounted according to the site requirements.


 BVN Air Fans 

Brilliant Engineering is a Distributer for BVN air fans and its Accessories, BAHÇIVAN, bringing over million fans at different scales produced for 25 years together with thousands of
institutions from 65 countries of the world in various application areas, carries out all Design, Production and R & D activities within its own scope
With philosophy of domestic production from A to Z, BAHÇIVAN, presenting 100% Turkish Made products to its customers by providing competitive advantage through production approach adopting the international standards, serves for business partners in four corners of the world and Turkey with its power of professional staff and flexible production capabilities

  We set out with the slogan of ‘For breath of a fresh air ,  we are working further for more efficiency, more comfort and future


1. Duct fans : They are designed specially to connect ventilation ducts. Can be used in wide performance ranges. It is the most used fan type for different applications with its comprehensive product variety.
Duct fans.pdf

2. Roof fans: Roof fans to be used for supplying or exhausting air on the roof based applications. BVN range is enough for different usage areas.
Roof fans.pdf

3. Wall Fans :It works with low energy consumption in high airflow rates. They are used in different applications such as building, car park, warehouse,  and different giant industrial facilities
Axial fans.pdf
Axial fans 2.pdf

4. Radial Fans: Radial fans with their high-pressure properties and high efficiency, are suitable for use in applications like duct fans, air handling units, heating-cooling applications and industrial ventilation.
Redial fans.pdf

5. Smoke Fans : The body is made from galvanized sheet steel fan suction nozzles is based essentially on preventive wire mesh standard impeller is manufactured from high-strength aluminum casting blades
Smoke fans.pdf

6. Plastic Fans: Fans can be easily mounted to the ceiling, wall, window, and ducts with their stylish designs and are used in areas such as the bathroom, toilet, warehouse. They are resistant to corrosion