MR / Sameh Samir Alternate Text
MR / Sameh Samir
MR / Sameh Samir
Finance manager

• Implementing the financial and accounting procedures approved by the senior management
• Control over the documents issued and received by the Accounting Department, to ensure that they are correct and that they contain the necessary signatures.
• Maintaining the accounting documents necessary to apply the approved accounting system, and ensuring that they are legally registered and preserved after completing the legal period.
• Supervising the preparation of the registration receipts and their approval before registering them in the accounting documents
• Preparing monthly settlements.
• Supervising the registration of receipts in the documents and posting them.
• Participating in the process of periodic and annual inventory of fixed assets and materials and matching them with their own accounts
• Supervising the preparation of the settlement statements of the banks on a monthly basis, showing the differences (if any), informing the Financial Director for review thereof, preparing the necessary settlement entries, preparing review balances for the detailed accounts and general accounts at the end of each month, and ensuring the correctness of the balances in each of them.
• Preparing financial reports at the end of each period.
• Notify the financial director of any violation of the financial policy or of the financial procedures applied by the different departments and sections of the association, or of any deviation that appears in the periodic financial statements.
• Providing all the information and clarifications required for the work of other sections in the association and the work of external auditors and working to facilitate their task
• Preparing final accounts at the end of the fiscal year.